Important notes:

  • After the booking form is submitted you'll receive a booking confirmation e-mail with all the necessary information (usually we need a few hours or less to reply).
  • The discount on the listed prices will be given in the booking confirmation mail.
  • Deposit: To fully complete your booking, you need to leave us deposit (usually 40 to 80 EUR, depending on your group size and the total price) using a credit card or bank money transfer or directly at our location at least one day before your activity. You can pay the rest on-site, when you start your tour. You'll receive detailed information about the deposit in the booking confirmation mail.
  • Cancellation: If the weather happens not to be suitable for your tour, we'll let you know by e-mail a day or two in advance so that you can change or cancel your booking, free of charge. You can also change or cancel your booking up to 1 day before your activity and we'll refund your payment or deposit. In the case of a later cancellation or no-show, we'll keep your deposit. If you made a full payment in advance, the rest of the money (full payment minus the deposit) will be returned to you.
  • Booking with less than 4 persons: Since we want to keep our prices fair and low as possible, prices for all our hiking tours are calculated for at least 4 persons. It is still possible to book a tour if you are less than 4 persons, but you have to pay attention to possible tour weekdays (see the info tab on the page with the tour description). In the case that we won't have a big enough group for your tour at given date and time, we'll inform you that the tour has been cancelled at least one day in advance and return your deposit or payment in the full amount. In the case that we have some other tour to offer you, we'll make a suggestion. We have also the option of organizing a private tour only for 2 - 3 people, but at a somewhat higher price.
  • Booking with more than 15 persons: Since hiking groups which are too large are neither good for the guide nor the participants, we don't have the practice or leading groups of more than 15 people. However, if your group is larger than this size, you can leave us a message and we'll find the best solution for you (with two guides, or different tours etc.).
  • If the meal is included in the selected tour and you have special dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian) please share it with us in the message field.

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